Books by Kate Mosse

If you enjoy reading, I would sincerely recommend the books by an English novelist Kate Mosse.

Kate was born in West Sussex, but since 1989 became closely connected with the city of Carcassonne, located in the Languedoc province at the foothills of the French Pyrenees. Nature and history of the region inspired the creation of Kate’s most known trilogy: Labyrinth (2005), Sepulchre (2007) and Citadel (2012).

Besides the fact that these books are well written and have a fascinating plot (doesn’t let go until the last page), they contain a lot of interesting historical details and literally transfer the reader to the narrow medieval streets and hidden mountain paths. Needless to say that I first felt the urge to see the Pyrenees after reading the Labyrinth!

We’ll visit the scenes of Kate Mosse’s novels in October!